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Catrice Cosmetics Brand Review

Hey y'all! I mentioned in my previous blog post that Catrice Cosmetics was kind enough to send me several of their products to try out and review. Well I've given all of these products a good try, so now I think it's time to share my thoughts and opinions with y'all! I will admit that there were some products that I didn't particular care for, while there were others that are now some of my favorites. 

Catrice Cosmetics is a well known German cosmetics brand, that focuses on beauty trends around the world. It is highly affordable, and up until last year was hard to get in the United States. It is now currently sold online at though, which makes purchasing from this brand so much easier.

Keep reading to find out what products I received, and my thoughts on them. 

I recently featured this mascara in my October Favorites, and for good reason. This mascara literally makes it look like I am wearing false lashes. It gives my lashes good length and volume, without flaking throughout the day.

I also really like the wand on it. It has a nice curve to it, which really plumps up and coats every single lash. This is a definite hit!

This product claims to reduce the size of your pores and fine lines, all while giving your skin a matte appearance. I like that it comes in the stick form, because it makes application even easier. It has a silicone finish to it, which does help blur my pores. Even though the color of the product is flesh toned, it does apply clear to my skin.

However, my skin does not stay matte after using this, and my makeup actually started to break up around my nose. I'm also not the biggest fan of the way this smells. In my personal opinion there are products out there that work better than this one did, and will actually make my makeup last all day. I would pass on this one. 

This primer also claims to help smooth your complexion, while giving you a nice glow. I normally don't go for primers that give a glow to the skin, because I'm an oily girl, and I have all the glow that I need. However, this particular primer looked gorgeous on my skin. 

It has a pink tint to it when you squeeze out the product, and after massaging it in, it leaves the skin looking healthy and glowy. It smoothed out my imperfections, filled in my pores and fine lines, and left my skin looking beautiful. It did not make me look extra oily either. 

My makeup actually stayed in place all day, too! This also has a much more pleasant scent than the stick primer. I would definitely recommend picking this primer up, as it reminds me of the Becca Backlight Priming Filter, but much more affordable. 

I don't know about y'all but I love trying out new lip products, especially those that claim they will plump my lips. This product comes in 4 different shades. I received mine in the shade 010. 

It does have a cooling menthol scent to it, and it did leave a nice glossy finish to my lips. It lasted several hours on my lips, even after drinking. While it felt cooling on my lips, it never tingled, which is something you would expect from a product that claims to plump your lips. It was also not overly sticky either. 

As for the plumping effect, I didn't really notice much in that area. It did help hide the fine lines on my lips, but it didn't actually give my lips anymore volume. If you are looking for a nice gloss, I would recommend this; however, if you are looking for a product that actually plumps your lips, I would look elsewhere. 

I love a good glossy lip gloss, and I have actually been eyeing these for a while, so I'm happy that Catrice sent this to me to review. It comes in 7 different shades, and I received mine in the shade Be My Ballerina.

This lip gloss also lasted hours on my lips, even through drinking, and it wasn't too sticky on my lips. It gives off a great shine, and it honestly made my lips look just like the lip booster did. It concealed the fine lines on my lips, and looked beautiful. 

It also gave my lips just the barest hint of color, which was nice. I will definitely be picking up the other shades in this range!!

This range of lipsticks comes in 12 different shades, and I received mine in the shade Legend'Berry. This shade is absolutely perfect for the fall time, and I have to admit, I have worn this non-stop since receiving it. 

It is highly pigmented, and the color lasts for hours on my lips. It applies nicely and evenly, too. It does leave a little shine to my lips, so it doesn't dry down matte. I'm personally not the biggest fan of matte lips, because they can feel drying at times. I love this! I will definitely be purchasing the other shades in this range!

This particular range comes in 4 different shades, and Catrice was kind enough to send me 2 of them. I received the shades Jon Snows Favorite (HEYYY Game Of Thrones fans!!!) and Let's Go Browntown. 

This product has a strange consistency, in that it is powder in the pan but when you apply it, it feels like a gel. It really reminds me of the ColourPop shadows. It even has that same sponge-like consistency in the pan. I personally love the ColourPop shadows, so I was excited to see if these were similar. 

As for the lighter shade, there really wasn't much color pay off with it, even when I swatched it with my fingers. The darker shade had amazing pigment when swatching it; however, both didn't perform well at all when I applied it to my eyes. The lighter shade didn't show up at all, and the darker shade took forever to build up. I tried using them with a synthetic brush and my fingers, and the pay-off was the same. I would definitely skip on these, and just order the ColourPop ones. 

This palette comes with 6 different nude/brown shades in it, that range from satin, shimmer, and matte. There is also a Absolute Rose Eye Shadow Palette in this range, that has pretty pink and purple shades in it. 

I've worn this palette several times now, and I was actually quite impressed with it. All of the colors blend well, and have decent color pay-off. There was fall-out with each shade; however, it was easy to clean up. I did have to use a wet brush to get the shimmer shades where I wanted them. This palette reminds me a lot of the Covergirl Nudes TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette. Overall, I would say this is a good palette for the price though. Swatches are below. 

Swatches are done with no primer underneath. I would definitely recommend a primer though on the lids, if you plan on wearing this out. 

This particular range comes with 7 different shades, and I received mine in the shade We Are the Champagnes.

This product has a weird design in the pan, which I'm not the biggest fan of; however, don't let looks deceive you. This shadow has some amazing pigment!! It does feel a little dry to touch in the pan, but when I applied it in this swatch and to my eyes, it felt nice and creamy. I applied it with my fingers and a synthetic brush to my eyes, and both methods worked well. Wearing a primer underneath will of course make the pigment pop even more. 

Here is the swatch of We Are the Champagnes. This color looks absolutely beautiful all over the lid. I was quite impressed with the color pay-off of this shadow. I definitely plan on purchasing the other shades in this range!

Alright everyone, those are all of the products that I received from Catrice Cosmetics. I would say that overall, this is a really nice, affordable brand. There are definitely some hidden gems amongst their products.  Let me know in the comments section below what products you have tried from Catrice before, and how you like them. Also be sure to follow me, so you don't miss out on future posts!

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