Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 2016 Ipsy Unbagging

Hello everyone! It's finally that time of the month where I share what I received in my Ipsy glam bag. Ipsy is a $10/month subscription service, that sends out 5 different beauty items per month. It is generally more makeup items; however, they also throw in some skin care and hair care items, as well. Each month subscribers will receive their items in a cute little makeup bag.  You can review the items you receive for points, which you can then redeem for items on their website. Continue reading below to find out what I received this month. This post contains referral links.

1.) Kokie Nail Polish in Heavenly- $6.00 (full size)

When I first saw this on my sneak peek, I wasn't too excited about it, especially after seeing that gorgeous nail polish from Adesse New York! It still wasn't a color that I particularly liked even after pulling it out of the bag; however, after I applied two coats to my nails, I have to say that I actually DO like it. It was completely opaque with two coats, and it dried down fairly quickly. For whatever reason, I really liked the brush applicator on this. It applied the polish nice and evenly to my entire nail. 

It really reminds me of the nail polish Boxycharm subscribers received a few months back in the June Boxycharm; however, this particular one has more of a purple tint to it. It lasted quite nicely on my nails, too. Hats off to Ipsy for surprising me with this one. 

I have received this product before in my April Boxycharm. I still have nearly the entire tube of that one left; however, I'm sure with the winter months coming up soon, I will be using it more. I do like it; however, I wish I would have received an item I have never tried before. This product does a good job of nourishing my lips, but the wear time isn't as long as some of lip moisturizers that I own. My favorite lip moisturizer definitely has to be the Jouer Lip Enhancer!!

3.) Noyah Natural Lipstick in Currant News ~$5.00 (sample size)

I was surprised to see that I was going to be receiving two different lip products in my bag this month. When I saw that I was getting this lipstick, I was hoping that it would be in this particular shade! 

It's such a beautiful color, and it really does have some great pigmentation. It applied nicely to my lips, and maintained a great color for several hour before reapplication was needed. My only complaint is that I wish I would have received the full-size of it. This is definitely a go-to fall shade! Swatches are below.  

4.) the Balm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush ~$3.00 (sample size)

I have actually been wanting to try this blush for quite some time, so I'm happy to have received it my bag this month. 

It is a VERY TINY sample size though, so it will be kind of hard for me to get my blush brush into it. I was also expecting something a little deeper in tone, since we are heading into the fall/winter seasons. This definitely seems like more of a summer blush to me, with it's pinky-peach hue. I really do like it though, and it looks great on my cheeks! Swatches are below.

I couldn't find this particular shade on the NYX or Ulta websites, but they do have some other awesome shades available on there. I was super excited to see that I would be receiving this in my bag this month. I love NYX products! 

This is a gorgeous silver, gunmetal color, that goes on easily. It dries down fairly quickly, too. I do wish this came in a pen form to make application a little bit easier but I will work with what I have! Swatches are below. 

First swatch is the NYX Vivid Brights Gunmetal eyeliner. The second swatch is the Noyah Lipstick in Currant News. The third swatch is the Balm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush.

The overall value for my bag this month was only $27. I've definitely received higher value bags in the past, but having only paid $10 for this bag is still a good deal. I have to admit that this wasn't my favorite bag; however, it certainly wasn't the worst either. 

Let me know in the comments section below what items y'all received in your bags this month, and if we had similar items. If you haven't already signed up for Ipsy, then just follow the link below to get started today!


  1. I would love to receive that eyeliner.

    Yes,I totally agree with you on the lip moisturizer received this month. Doesn't last long and my favorite this far is the lip enhancer. Great product.
    The blush was a tiny sample,my brush had some issues but Ober in there and in the cheek it was lovely.
    The October bag was a great bag for me then again...I'm loving my first 6 months or so at this.
    I'm hoping for some more variety. They have been pretty on spot. So far
    At first they did send some odd shades of lipstick but I adjusted my profile and it stopped
    The nail Polish I like. Haven't tried yet.
    Thanks for the blog!this is great!!!!

    Signed Holly Noel

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Holly! Have you seen my post on the November Ipsy spoilers? Looks like there will be tons of fun goodies in it!