Friday, December 23, 2016

December 2016 Boxycharm Unboxing

Welcome back everyone! It's time, once again, for another Boxycharm unboxing. For those that don't know, Boxycharm is a $21/month beauty subscription service that sends 5-6  FULL SIZE beauty products each month. Nearly every box has a total value of over $100 worth of product in it. They also offer a rewards program where you can earn full sized products for free. This box does lean more towards the makeup side of beauty; however, they do include skincare/haircare, as well. Keep reading below to see what I received this month. This post does contain referral links. 

Each month, your box comes with a little card that details all of the items that you received, and lists the full retail value of each item.

I absolutely adore the Ofra liquid lipstick formula. It's long-lasting, and it isn't too drying on my lips. I was super excited at first to be receiving this, until I saw the color. I'm a huge fan of vampy lips, but this color is a touch too purple for my liking. I sadly will be passing this along to someone that will enjoy it more than me. Swatches are below. 

2.) IBY Beauty Lip Liner in Blush -$14 (variable item)

I actually really like this lip liner. It's a beautiful color, that will match plenty of lipsticks that I wear on a daily basis. The formula is also very nice. It's creamy and doesn't tug at my lips, which is always a plus. Swatches are below. 

Above are swatches of the IBY lip liner, and the Ofra liquid lipstick. 

I really like the butterLONDON nail polish formula, and this one is no different. It is a beautiful deep berry color. It's opaque with two coats of polish. It lasted for several days on my nails before it chipped. This is definitely perfect for the holiday season. 

Here is the butterLONDON polish on my nails. 

4.) Makeup Eraser Mini Makeup Eraser -$12 (variable item)

I was not happy about receiving this in my box this month. The whole idea of this seemed a little gimmicky to me; however, for the sake of testing purposes, I tried it out anyways. And I must say, I was too quick to judge this product.  

I tried this out for the first time last night, and I must say, it did an excellent job of removing the majority of my makeup. I did have to go back in with some eye makeup remover to get everything off, but this removed EVERY. BIT of my facial makeup. I'm tempted to order the larger one now. 

5.) Pure Cosmetics Buff Eyeshadow Palette -$50 (in every box)

I was super excited to be receiving yet another palette from Boxycharm this month. This was the first product I pulled out of the box this month, because I was so excited to swatch it. Well when I pulled it out of the box, this is what I was presented with. 

I was so disappointed, because as any makeup lover knows, broken makeup just plains sucks. I emailed Boxycharm about the issue, and they told me they did not have any palettes in stock to replace mine. However, they did add some Charms points to my account, that I can use on different items in their online shop. 

Luckily I was able to patch it up; however, even after fixing the palette, I was still disappointed in it. The packaging felt cheap, and even after removing the clear piece from the mirror, you can see mine was still very hazy. The shadows themselves were nicely pigmented; however, there was a TON of fall-out with each and every shade. Considering the price of this palette, I would skip this one and just go with the Naked 3 palette. 

Here are shadow swatches from the palette. 

That is everything that I received in my Boxycharm this month. The overall value of this month's box was $110.90. How did you like the box this month, and did you receive something different? Let me know in the comments section below! Also be sure to subscribe to my blog, so you don't miss out on future spoilers and unboxings!

Here is a spoiler for the January Boxycharm!

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