Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Swamp Queen Palette by Grav3yardgirl Swatch and Review

Hey y'all! I wanted to do something a little different today, and post a swatch review on the new Swamp Queen Palette by Grav3yardgirl. I personally love reading these types of posts, because it helps me figure out whether I want to spend money on these limited edition palettes. 

First off, let me start off by saying that my husband is a man of gold. The day this palette was do to launch, I woke up early and literally sat on the website, refreshing every few minutes until it dropped. Well, if you were one of the ones that did the same thing, you know how bogged down the Tarte website was, due to high traffic. I sat there trying to add this palette to my cart up until 5:30 p.m. when it was time for me to go to work, with no success. Well my sweet hubby stayed on Tarte's website even after I left to go to work, and he was able to add the palette and purchase it for me. He is such a sweet heart, and I was finally able to get a limited edition palette that I actually wanted. Yes, I still have hard feelings about the whole Sweet Peach palette debacle. 

You can still get this palette if you want it! It will be available in Sephora stores July 8th for $45!!

Anyways, enough with the rambling, let's get to the good stuff. 

First off the outside packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It has a wood finish to it, and it feels very sturdy! I love the gold foil design on the front. 

Can you hear that? It's angels singing. The inside of the palette is stunning! It continues with the gold accents, and a huge mirror. As any makeup addict knows, a good mirror is a huge selling point when looking for a good eye shadow palette. The mirror in the palette has a cute little quote on it that says, "Believe in yourself, love yourself, embrace your individuality". You also get a small eye shadow brush, which isn't half bad, as well. The entire palette smells like vanilla, too!

This palette is perfect for travel, because you get all the eye shadows that you need to achieve a variety of looks, plus a bronzer, blush and highlight!

Let's start with the bronzer, blush, and highlight swatches.

The bronzer in the palette is called Sweet Tea. It's VERY pigmented, and a little bit goes a long way. The blush in the palette is called Does this thing really work, and it is also very pigmented. It's a gorgeous spring/summer color! The highlight is called Gator wings, and can we all just take a moment to take in the beauty of it!?!? It's gorgeous and highly pigmented! I could literally bathe in this color. No shame in my highlight game y'all!

The first row of shadows is shown above. All of the swatches depicted in this post are dry, and literally just one quick swipe across my hand. I love colors like this. Dogman (burnt sienna) and #sfs (rose gold) are gorgeous!! Natural peaches (peachy nude) is a perfect transition color, too!

Big baby (cream) is just the type of color that I love putting all over my eyelid to help set any primer. It matches my skin tone perfectly! Once again, can we all just take a moment to admire Sassy bun (copper peach)! It is so gorgeous and HIGHLY pigmented! I tend to reach for my Mac Fix + to help deepen certain eye shadow colors, but I didn't with this one. It was just perfect on it's own.  The color sippy sippy (glittery brown) is also very pretty; however, there is a little bit of fallout with this one. I'm not one to care about fallout when it comes to eye shadows though, so it was certainly no big deal for me. 

The last row in the palette consists of gorgeous lavender and purple shades. Haunting (lavender) is a beautiful color that can be used in the crease as a transition shade. Uncommon (purple slate) is a beautiful color, which can be used all over the lid. Finally, mancat (deep plum) is a beautiful shade, which can be used in the outer corner of the eye. There is some fallout with this shade. 

I LOVE this palette, and have been reaching for it nearly everyday. There is a little bit of fallout with some of the darker shades in the palette, but as I said before, I'm not one to find that a big reason to avoid purchasing a eye shadow palette. 

Well everyone that it's for this post. I hope y'all enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments below whether you purchased this palette as well, or if you plan on buying it when it hits stores. 

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