Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Marc Jacobs Style Icon No. 20 Eye Shadow Palette Swatch and Review

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a quick break from the subscription box updates to do a quick little swatch and review of the new Marc Jacobs Style Icon No. 20 Eye Shadow Palette that just launched earlier this month. 

I was not lucky enough to get the Marc Jacobs LE palette that came out last year for the holidays, so as soon as I saw this bad boy, I snatched it up. It is rather pricey, but after receiving it in the mail, and playing around with it a few weeks, I must say that I am quite pleased with my purchase. 

The only downside for me concerning this palette is the exterior palette. The color is this gorgeous gold color, and it is very sleek. It is, however, made of a what feels like a cheap plastic case. When I pay $100 for a single eye shadow palette, I expect the packaging to be top notch. This was anything but that. 

On the interior portion of the palette, there is a HUGE mirror, which is always nice to have in any eye shadow palette. Then of course there are the 20 beautiful eye shadows. The color range is perfect for me, and I am able to achieve many different looks with this one palette.  There are multiple mattes, shimmers, metallics, and even a duo-chrome shadow thrown in there. 

Starting on the right side at the top, working our way down, the colors in the first row are as follows: 

Matte ivory, metallic gold, metallic bronze, matte aubergine (Awards Show)

Matte suede, champagne shimmer, chestnut shimmer, matte cocoa (Evening Swag) 

Matte eggshell, snowy white shimmer, (this is the duo-chrome shade in the palette) charcoal shimmer, matte sooty-black (Afterparty)

Matte rose-petal blush, mink shimmer, matte cashmere, deep black (About Last Night)

Cream shimmer, peachy-rose shimmer, lavender shimmer, matte spice (Just Like Us)

The palette does come with a booklet that has 5 different eye shadow tutorials in it. 

Overall, I enjoy this palette, and I'm happy that I purchased it. However, I do feel like several of the shadows can be dupes for other shades in less expensive palettes. The shadows are deliciously creamy, and last all day on the eyes. You have everything here to do basic eye looks, to sexy smokey eye looks. If you are a self-proclaimed eye shadow hoarder, or just like a limited edition makeup piece, then I think you would highly enjoy this palette. 

Thanks for reading all the way through y'all! If there are any other palettes that you think I should review or try out, please let me know in the comments section below. 

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