Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016 Favorites

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a wonderful April, and I hope y'all discovered some new and amazing products. Keep reading below to find out what products have made it to my favorites list.

I saw someone post about this on Facebook recently, and she commented on how well it did with clearing up her acne prone skin. Well after reading that, I knew I had to try this out. I use this as a mask and also as a cleanser with my cleansing brush, and it has truly worked wonders for my skin. I don't have near as many breakouts as I was having. Plus this stuff smells so amazing!!

There has been so many people talking about these lipsticks recently, and for good reason. There is such a wide range of colors to choose from, and the formula is amazing! They glide on easily and they last for hours on the lips! I purchased mine in the colors Meringue, which is a beautiful peachy nude, and Pepper, which is a dusty rose color. I love them both, and I will definitely be buying more shades!

This stuff is amazing! It offers a full coverage, but you can also mix it with face oil to sheer it out some if you have dry skin and prefer a light to medium coverage. I personally love the full coverage that it provides, and a little bit goes a long way!! I just add 4 small drops to my foundation brush and apply. I purchased mine in the shade P30. 

I use a bronzer everyday that I wear makeup, and this has got to be my all time favorite drugstore bronzer! It applies and blends out so well! Plus it smells amazing!!! If you love bronzers like I do, get this, you won't regret it!

I have been searching high and low for a good brush cleaner, that doesn't take the better part of the day to use to clean my brushes. I've finally found one. This stuff literally got makeup off my brushes that regular cleaning did not. It made cleaning my brushes a much quicker chore, so now I don't completely dread that time of the week when I sit down to clean them. You can also use this to spot clean your brushes between uses, and it dries very quickly too!

For being a drugstore product that only cost me $7, this is one hell of a good palette!!!  The colors are soft, buttery, and they blend like a dream! Now all the Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes are NOT created equal. I also have one of the palettes that has 32 eye shadows in it (Mermaids Forever) , and while some of the shades are amazing, the majority of those eye shadows are very lackluster. Stick with the palettes like the one shown above, and I promise you will love them!

Alright everyone, that is my list of favorites for the month of April. Be sure to let me know what products made your favorites list by commenting below!

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