Thursday, January 21, 2016

Subscription Battle: Birchbox vs. Ipsy

I don't know about y'all, but I LOVE a good subscription box battle. Particularly Birchbox and Ipsy battles. Both subscription services are only $10/month, and they both send out 5-6 sample or deluxe sized samples each month. Both offer reward points for reviewing the items that you receive, which in turn you can use to cash in on some pretty amazing products. Anyways, enough with the rambling, lets get to the good stuff. This post contains referral links.

This month in Birchbox I decided to go with the curated Korean Beauty box, and I have had time to sample everything in the box. I must say I was impressed by nearly everything; however, there were a few things that were a bit of a miss for me. This month I received: 

Let me just say that I am so in love with the IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer. I have been using it everyday since I received it, and it makes my skin look so beautiful and radiant. I also really enjoyed the Goodal Waterest Essence. It left my face feeling nice and moisturized, without looking oily. I also enjoyed the Goodal Bonus packets. The Bubble Peel was probably my favorite. It was just so much fun to use. The RE:P Mask was also very nice, and it did not make my skin breakout like a lot masks tend to do. The only items that I did not particularly care for were the Manefit Sheet Mask and the TonyMoly Lip Tint. The sheet mask did make my skin breakout a little bit, and I did not see any immediate results from it. The lip tint only managed to accentuate the dryness of my lips. So for anyone that received this item, be sure to exfoliate VERY well before using it. 

I really enjoyed my Ipsy bag this month, and I have had enough time to sample everything in it, as well. This month I received:

The total value of my bag for this month is $52.99. Having only paid $10, I would say that is one heck of a deal. I loved everything in my bag, except for the City Color Eyeshadow Trio, and the bag itself. The eyeshadows were not very pigmented, even when wearing a primer underneath them.  However, I'm not one to give up so easily, so I will continue to play with them to see what I can do. 

Overall, I would have to say that Ipsy hit it out of the park this month. I loved nearly everything that I received, and I have definitely found some new items that I will be adding to my makeup routine from here on out. If you are interested in receiving your very own Ipsy or Birchbox, visit the links below to get started today!

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