Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Birchbox, Ipsy, and Scentbird

Welcome to my blog! I have had several friends of mine tell me that it would be pretty cool if I were to jump on the subscription battle bandwagon, and I agree. These are some of my favorite posts to read, and some of the best videos (besides makeup tutorials) on Youtube to watch.  Subscription boxes are one of the best ways to try new products without spending an arm and a leg to do so. Plus, there is just something so incredibly fun about getting these packages in the mail every month! Keep reading below to find out which subscriptions I am currently taking part in.  This post does contain referral links. 

Birchbox is a $10/ month subscription service that mails out 5-7 sample size beauty products every month. You can opt to purchase a one year subscription service, as well. When you sign up for Birchbox, there is a beauty quiz that you can fill out, which will catalog all of your beauty preferences, hair color, skin color, etc. This helps Birchbox tailor the monthly boxes just for you. A major bonus to signing up for Birchbox is their online store and point system. You are able to review the products that you receive in your boxes. For every product that you review, you will receive 10 Birchbox points. After receiving 100 points, you will then have $10 to spend in the online store. You also earn points for friends that use your referral link, and purchases made in the online shop. It is VERY easy to earn points, and their product offerings in the shop are pretty amazing! I have discovered many wonderful products thanks to Birchbox.. Also, near the end of every month Birchbox will send out emails that will allow you to custom pick either one sample or a curated box for the upcoming month. 

 Above is the fantastic box that I received from Birchbox for the month of December. This month I received: 
Serge Normant Volumizing Spray

Soap and Paper Factory hand cream

The Beauty Crop Highlighting cream

Coastal Scents eyeshadow duo

Beauty Protector hair oil

Everyone also received a $10 off coupon to use in the online shop, which was so perfect for the holidays. Right now if you use the promo code bbjetblue10 upon purchasing your Birchbox subscription, you will also receive an additional $10 to use in the online shop. You can use the link below to get started today!

Ipsy is also a $10/month subscription that mails out 4-5 beauty/hair-care products every month. The products can either be full size, deluxe sized, or sample size items. Upon subscribing to Ipsy, you have the option to fill out a beauty profile, that will help customize the products that you will receive. With Ipsy you not only receive your 4-5 beauty items, but you will also receive a beautiful makeup bag to store all of your things in. With Ipsy, you are able to review the items that you receive for points to use on redeemable items on their website. You can earn up to 15 points for reviewing each item, plus you earn points for friend referrals. Once again, it is very easy to earn points, and the redeemable items can be pretty amazing! Ipsy does have a wait list; however, it is very easy to get off the wait list and get on to receiving some pretty awesome products!

Above is the Ipsy bag that I received for the month of December. This month I received: 

Formula X Nail Polish: $5.25

Marc Anthony Deep Conditioning Treatment: $2.00

Skinn Cosmetics Lip Scrub: $10.00

Pacifica Natural Lipstick: $10.00

Crown Brush Brow Duo Brush: $3.28

That makes the total price of my bag $30.53. I only paid $10, and I received all of this AND a cute cosmetic bag! You can't beat that! Click on the link below to sign up today.

Scentbird is a $14.95/month perfume subscription service that allows you to custom pick your scent for the month. If you love perfumes, but hate spending anywhere from $50-$100 for your favorite one, or if you just want to sample different ones, then this is total for you. Scentbird will send you a one month supply of whatever perfume/cologne you choose for only $14.95 (less than the price of a rollerball), and they have over 350 different scents to choose from. They will send your first month subscription with a perfume applicator tube that is easy to use, and great to just throw in your purse. You can also fill out a perfume profile, which will help you find scents that you would like. You do not earn points for reviewing your perfume of the month; however, for every friend that you get to sign up, they will receive their second month for free, as will you. And who doesn't like free stuff?!?

Above is the perfume that I received for the month of December. This month I picked Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline EDT. It has hints of pear, musk, lotus flower, gaiac wood, black tea, and bamboo. I do believe I may have found a new favorite scent y'all!!!  This stuff is amazing, and is the reason why I love Scentbird so much. It allows me the freedom to choose the scent I want to try, without committing to a full sized bottle. Click on the link below to get your second month for free!!

For the month of December, I have to say that Ipsy blew it out of the water. I was honestly thrilled with everything that I received, and I cannot wait to see what next month brings!

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